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My mission is to help women influencers, content creators and online business owners achieve wealth through brand identity ownership.

I am Monica "Molly" Shepard, Esq. a trial winning attorney with a passion for INNOVATION.

I am the founder of Trademark Molly IP Law, a virtual law firm that offers:

  • flat rate pricing (no BS surprise fees)

  • tech friendly processes (I make it easy for you)

  • culturally competent legal representation (I GET IT).



Fun Facts

  • Free Spirited Travel Buff

  • Hiking and Yoga Enthusiast

  • Breast Cancer Survivor (Blessed!)

Bar Admissions

  • Florida (2010)

  • Missouri (2017)

*I accept trademark clients in all 50 states.


  • Florida Coastal School of Law, J.D. 

  • University of Missouri, B.S. 

Wealth equals Freedom

I am a trademark attorney with a zest for business and a lifelong passion for adventure. I am a devoted advocate for creating an existence full of harmony AND prosperity. Building wealth is not just about accumulating money; it's a cheat code to empowerment.

financial freedom allows:

adventure: Explore the world, savor exotic cuisines, and dive into new cultures without budget constraints.

legacy: Your wealth opens doors for generations to come, freeing them from financial worries.

impact: Support your favorite causes and make a lasting impact on the world.

choice: Wealth allows you to make choices based on your preferences rather than the financial constraints dictated by others.

Contact me today because your brand is an asset and building block to wealth. Ownership is KEY. Let's make sure you are building your empire on a solid foundation.

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