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Meet Monica Shepard, Esq., an experienced trademark and business lawyer. Her passion lies in helping digital creators and online entrepreneurs safeguard and monetize their creative ventures.


As a speaker she looks forward to sharing her transformative journey that began at the age of 15 years old when she faced the challenges of teenage motherhood. Determined to break through barriers, she embraced education and developed a positive and optimistic outlook on life.


A triumphant breast cancer survivor, Monica defied the odds with resilience and courage. Her personal battles have fueled a mission to inspire others to create a life that fosters peace and resonates with their highest self.


With an insatiable wanderlust, Monica is not just a lawyer but also a world traveler. Her adventures have broadened her perspective, adding a unique global touch to her insights into the world of digital entrepreneurship.


🎙️ **Speaker Topics:**

Monica is a dynamic speaker, captivating audiences with her expertise in:


- Trademarks & Copyrights

- Business Formation

- Women in Business

- E-Commerce

Speaking Engagments

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